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Potable Water System

Orange County supply potable water from underground reservoir called the Floridan Aquifer. It's primarily fed by rain water and filtered by sand and rock in a natural filtering process. According to the county it needs little or no treatment other the disinfection and aeration to remove hydrogen sulfide.
The disinfection is achieved by adding chlorine to the water which is very harsh on your homes water distribution system severely cutting the service life of your system and fixtures.


Most homes in the Orlando area have copper pipes that run under the concrete slab, it's a good idea to shutoff every fixture in the home and take a look at the meter and make sure there's no water flowing. Most meter in Orlando Florida have a leak indicator usually a small triangle that will spin when water if flowing. If you have a leak the movement on the indicator will depend on the size of the leak, so pay close attention to it because you might think it's not moving at all. You can put a piece of painter tape close to one of the points of the triangle and mark it with a pen this should help you decide if its moving.


At this point if you find the leak indicator spinning and your sure all the water in the home is off there's a good chance your home is one of many in Orlando, FL area that have a slab leak. A slab leak could be repair but not recommended due to the high chance of another leak popping up. The best solution would be a re-pipe.


Copper used in under slab home construction is type M and comes in a roll in the field we call it soft copper, it doesn't hold up well in the Florida ground. We see a lot of failure on the hot side of the water distribution system. 

PEX is the leading choice for re-pipe, introduce in the U.S. in the 1980's it's becoming a more popular choice for re-pipe do to its resistence to scale build-up, pinholes and corrosion. Call today for the best rate in Orlando area PEX re-pipe Special beating any estimates.  


Water Filtration

Heavy metals and some inorganic contaminants (Fluoride, Lead, Asbestos) are also present in your potable water this is way its a good idea to have an extra layer of protection before the County water enters your home. Water filters provide that extra layer of protection every home needs it removes chlorine, heavy metals and bacterial contaminants.


Water Softener

Water softener may help extend the life of your water distribution system and plumbing fixtures like ice maker, coffee machines, water heater and dishwashers. Other benefits of a water softener is reduce soap spots on dishes, better wash quality of cloths, improve water heater life and performance.


Water Heaters

Hot water heater's have a life expectancy of about 8 years you can push this to 12 years with some basic maintenance procedure.  A failing water heater is not only and inconvenience but a very dangerous situation. Please call a professional like Quick Plumber to safely repair or replace your failing water heater.


Drain Cleaning

Slow Draining bathtub, backed up toilet or all your drains backed up, clog, roots growing in pipe. No problem call today for the best rate in Orlando FL  drain cleaning.


Fixture Installations

Flat rate pricing on all fixture installations.


Pool Pump & Filter

Replacement or repair of pool pumps and filters systems.


Gas Piping

When it comes to gas pipe safety is the main concern. We have experience to handle any gas piping job from new installs to repair. All gas projects meet or exceed code requirements with top quality products. 


Leak Repair

Repair leak on any plumbing system. 


New Construction